Great news! The Manningham Interfaith Network (MIN) successfully applied for a multicultural festival grant!

We are delighted to announce $50,000 in Federal Government funding from the federal member for Menzies, Honourable Kevin Andrews MP for this great community cohesion work.

Manningham is one of the most culturally diverse electorates in Australia and this will be wonderful for the local community. We look forward to delivering an exciting community event for all people. Our event will be one that connects all – those of faith and those of no faith. It is as important to be allowed to have faith as it is to not have faith. This event will evidence the ability to work and perform and be in support and care for each other. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to exhibit sharing and caring, creating some new ways of celebrating foods, faiths and performances together.

Manningham Interfaith Network (MIN) faith representatives Attendees at the Federal Announcement on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 3.45pm at the Honourable Kevin Andrews – Federal Member for Menzies office of the MUSTER grant Mutual Understanding, Support, Tolerance, Engagement and Respect activities funding of $50,000.


Top-Bottom: Angel Sui, Pari Kashmashrab, Honorable Kevin Andrews MP, Surindar Cheema, Chan Ying, Touraj Afshar, Mrs. Khar Hong Foo, Rev. Paul Kam, Venerable Man Ching, Rev. Judy Frost, Rev. Father Antonio Cagnoni, Amad Kazi,