MIN COVID -19 Isolation Art Project featured on Beautiful Life TV, Taiwan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Victorians are facing isolation at home, and many activities are unable to run as usual. Although many are in isolation, Manningham Interfaith Network (MIN) is working to reflect the unity and togetherness of the interfaith community through an art project in this unprecedented time. Following an invitation from MIN, Venerable You Hong from Fo Guang Shan Er You Temple and Kok Kee Lee from BLIA Victoria participated in MIN Isolation Art Project.
Venerable You Hong mindfully doodled “The Three Acts of Goodness”, Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts, which propagated by the founder of Fo Guang Shan Venerable Master Hsing Yun on the canvas. The Three Acts of Goodness is the homework that everyone should practice to cultivate ourselves and hopefully be able to best present ourselves to society. Although it may sound easy, it is a lot harder to perfect and requires plenty of practice in our daily life.
“Carefree Doodle” is a practice that can train our mind. There is no draft before doodling and there is no running over your strokes again when you doodle. You can cultivate patience, concentration and let your mind reach the state of being calm and focused, thereby achieving peace of mind.
The art project organiser was impressed by Venerable You Hong’s eloquent doodling and grateful that Fo Guang Shan Er You Temple and BLIA Victoria participated in the MIN Isolation Art Project.