Respect Soccer – 2018

Where youths from different faiths and cultures come together to celebrate respect, harmony and peace together through soccer.

39th WARP – The Beginning & the Origin of All Things

Through the understanding among religions, the world can come into the right direction as it was primarily intended. By the effort of religious leaders and community leaders in spreading the message of peace through the Heavenly wisdom gained from Scriptures, it is...

23 May 18 Manningham Civic Awards

Manningham Interfaith Network was recognised at a Civic Award ceremony at Local Council on 23 May 2018​ ​President Harry Truman accepting the award from the...

28/5/18 Bus Tour

Here are a few photos to share from our "Character" tour on Sunday. I first need to acknowledge our hosts at each venue. Vijay at the Hindu Ashram, Rabbi Menachem at the Synagogue and Nirmal at the Sikh Temple. Each part of the tour as well as on the bus achieved a...

Menzies Award Recipients 2018

​MIN is pleased that four members of its members received Menzies Award as due recognition for their voluntary services to the community and in particular MIN. ​Congratulations to: Telmay Dodd Pari Khoshmashrab Ariq Quazi Misagh Zamani Who received the Menzies Award...

Respect Soccer 2017

​Respect Soccer organised by ​MIN aims to bring young people from diverse backgrounds​,
to play a friendly game of soccer & is an opportunity for the youth to connect with each other.